Boston: Proud Parents

Tonight parents have been invited to the GISB to watch the short films made by their children featuring performances of classic ballads.

Boston: Project day

It’s project day at the GISB. The top grades will be heading off into the Thanksgiving break after taking part in a simulation on climate change.

Boston: German

German class for advanced students: they’re doing film analysis and media comparison in the Google Classroom.

Boston: Coding lessons

Those students who want to are taking coding lessons in the science room with the MIT’s Digital Literacies project, learning first steps towards programming.

Boston: Geography

In geography class today it’s all about finding information from an atlas and online. What companies are there in Silicon Valley, and why are they there?

Boston: A delicious start

The Georg Eckert Institute has arrived at the GISB – and brought a sweet surprise with it.